[Song Title] -MOVE
[Genre/Mood] SOCA
Written and composed by: Shantal Lindsay
Produced by: Action One Studios (G PRO)
Visuals: Joshua Powder

The song "MOVE" is a compelling anthem that embodies the essence of Gospel Power Soca, blending the lively rhythms of Soca music with the uplifting messages of Gospel. It's a song that ignites the soul, encouraging listeners to embrace their faith and stand strong in the face of challenges.

Verse 1:

The song begins with a powerful declaration of an inner fire burning within the soul, a metaphor for the passion and conviction fueled by faith. The lyrics speak of a generation that refuses to conform to negativity, choosing instead to be radical in their faith and actions. The reference to "distressing the enemy camp" suggests a proactive stance against forces of darkness, with a readiness for spiritual warfare in the supernatural realm.


The chorus is a bold proclamation of movement and unstoppable progress. The repeated command to "MOVE MOVE MOVE OUT AH WE WAY" serves as both a rallying cry for believers and a warning to any obstacles or adversaries. The lyrics affirm that the fire of faith will never stop blazing, symbolizing the enduring strength and determination of those who follow this path.

Verse 2:

In verse two, the song emphasizes the communal aspect of this journey, stating that "ONLY SERIOUS PEOPLE ROLL WITH WE." This line underscores the importance of commitment and solidarity among believers. The imagery of "mashing gas like a full bus" conveys a sense of urgency and momentum, with no intention of slowing down or stopping for distractions.

Verse 3:

The third verse reiterates the themes of the first, reinforcing the message of strength, resilience, and divine empowerment. The lyrics paint a picture of believers as warriors, ready for battle and equipped with the Holy Ghost fire. This fire serves as both a source of inspiration and a weapon against spiritual adversaries.


"MOVE" is more than just a song; it's a declaration of faith, a call to action, and a celebration of the power we have as Christians. It encourages listeners to embrace their spiritual fire, stand firm in their convictions, and move forward with confidence and purpose. The song's infectious rhythm and uplifting lyrics make it a powerful anthem for anyone seeking to combine their love of music with their faith.

Trinidad & Tobago Power Soca Meets Gospel - MOVE (Shantal Lindsay)