[Genre/Mood] AFROBEAT
Written and Composed by: Shantal Lindsay
Produced by: Oluwa Drumma
Additional keys: Joshua Lewis

πŸŽ‰ Embrace the pulsating beats and melodic harmonies that make Afrobeat a global phenomenon. This song is a celebration of the diverse sounds and rhythms that define the genre, inviting you to move and groove.

Lyrics Analysis:

Verse 1:
The song opens with a serene image of "FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND," symbolizing God's constant presence and guidance in our lives. The lyrics "YOU’RE ALWAYS THERE WITH ME" and "THAT'S WHEN YOU CARRY ME" echo the comforting assurance of divine support, reminiscent of the famous "Footprints in the Sand" poem. The overflowing river bank metaphorically represents the abundance of God's love, which is relentless and never-ending.

The chorus emphasizes the overwhelming nature of God's love with phrases like "YOUR LOVE IT RUN MIH DOWN" and "IT NAH GUH DONE." The repetition of "TURN MY LIFE AROUND AND AROUND" signifies the transformative power of this love, grounding and stabilizing the believer. The chorus is both a declaration of the inescapability of God's love and a celebration of its life-changing impact.

Verse 1:
The bridge introduces the concept of grace with "IT IS BY GRACE THAT I'M SAVED," underscoring the unearned and freely given nature of God's love. The lyrics "THIS ONE SHEEP YOU NEVER LEAVE BEHIND" allude to the parable of the lost sheep, highlighting God's relentless pursuit of each individual.

Verse 2:
Similar to the first verse, the second verse continues to explore the theme of divine pursuit and the power of God's love. The imagery of a "FORCE OF NATURE TSUNAMI" is used again to convey the unstoppable and overwhelming force of this love, which takes over one's life and destiny.

"RUN MIH DOWN" is a vibrant and uplifting Afrobeat track that celebrates the persistent and transformative nature of God's love. Through its catchy rhythm and poignant lyrics, the song invites listeners to dance and rejoice in the assurance of divine love that runs them down, turns their lives around, and keeps them grounded.

Trinidad & Tobago Afrobeat Meets Gospel - Run Mih Down (Shantal Lindsay)